Computers and devices that are in your home are often just as important as the devices in your work or business. Many people utilise their home devices to work after hours, stay connected with friends and family, continue their education and more.

Is your PC or Laptop running too slow, crashing, making noises, getting weird messages or not turning on? Does it take forever to load your browser, Word documents or games? Or worse yet, has the dreaded blue screen of death appeared?


We know how frustrating it is to have your computer break down on you. The home average home or work PC has so many vital documents, photo and music collections – our whole digital life is stored on these machines! We also use PC for everyday services such as internet banking, online shopping and more its become a necessity in modern day living. We understand your time is important and value your time, so we respond to your calls instantly and waste no time in repairing your computer after a quick yet thorough diagnosis of the problem.

SSD Upgrade

Laptop SSD Upgrade. After that boot time was reduced by 40 seconds.

Some of the home computer repair services that we offer in Aberdeen :

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    Computer Diagnostics

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    Computer/Laptop Repair

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    Device-Clean Up

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    Lost Passwords and Serial Keys

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    Spyware, Trojan and Other Virus Attacks

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    Device and Operating System Upgrades

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    Data Transfer

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    Home Networks

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    Blue and Black Screens

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    Internet / Email Connection Troubleshooting


PCs carry out so many tasks and use a number of different pieces of hardware and software, so the potential for failure is high, but it can be prevented. Even if there’s just a small failure in one of your PCs tasks, it can create a snowball effect which eventually leads to a total PC failure. And, when this occurs, you’re left with a PC which is unable to contribute to your productivity. Therefore, it makes sense to pre-empt these major disasters by taking a number of preventative measures.

Important steps:

  • Use a Firewall and Antivirus Software - If an unauthorized user gains access to your network then they have the potential to bring your entire network to a halt or steal your data. That’s why it’s essential that you have a trusted firewall to operate as your first line of defense.

  • Make Sure Your Backups Work - Backups are a crucial procedure to ensure that all your data remains safe. However, not all people make sure that their backups actually work and, if necessary, are capable of restoring operations. Therefore, by using a test system to regularly perform backups, you can increase your confidence that a total PC failure can be easily remedied.

  • Install an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) - Users have very little control over failures with the power supply, so your put in a tricky position when the power suddenly goes off. Thankfully, it’s possible to keep your PC and other devices connected to a UPS which will provide emergency power in the case of a power cut. Although it won’t provide enough power for all your IT equipment to perform indefinitely, it will give you time to carry out essentials and save relevant data safely.

  • Carry Out Fresh Installs - PCs can build up junk and unnecessary files over time due to the number of installs and uninstalls which take place. Whilst you can use free applications to clear out some of these files, they’ll never conduct a thorough clean of you system and, in the long term, it can begin to slow down due to what’s known as ‘Windows Rot’. This is why it pays to carry out a sytem clean once a month to prevent your PC from failing on you at the most inopportune moment.

  • Be Cautious - Observe how your computer works and pay attention when things seem weird so you can start troubleshooting before it ruins your day.


We also offer a collect and return service where we collect your computer, repair computer at our workshop and then return the computer once it is fully serviced and working. There is no additional charge for this collection service.

We offer computer repair services on a call-out basis where we visit you and repair computer at your house.

We cover Aberdeen, Alford, Banchory, Balmedie, Dyce, Inverurie, Portlethen, Stonehaven, Westhill and many more.

Just call or message to arrange a home visit.

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Client Avatar 1

I got the blue screen of death and tried everything I could think of to fix it. When I finally gave up, I messaged Belusive IT and asked for help. Eryk came over right away and diagnosed the issue. Turns out it was a hardware issue and I needed to order a part. After replacement, all was good as new. He is extremely friendly, personable, and fair with pricing. I wholeheartedly recommend his services!


Client Avatar 2

Excellent service, friendly and professional. My old laptop upgraded with a SSD - running like a new. Also installed a new OS and solved driver issues. Quick and incredibly reasonable price. Would highly recommend.


Client Avatar 3

Great service!!! Very helpful, quick response. Highly recommended!